Your soap may cause you gain weight

Did you know that certain soaps, shampoos and skin creams can cause wrinkles, excess cellulite and even weight gain….?


Continue reading and I’ll explain!

Do you know what your largest organ is? As a matter of fact, it’s your SKIN.

And it’s possible you’re doing damage while trying to keep it clean and protect it, without realizing it.

Think of all personal products we put on our skin in some way or another daily: we use soap to wash our hands, shampoo to wash the hair, we use shower gel, skin lotion, facial creams etc.


The problem is that many of these products may actually cause damage.


And not only damage to your skin, but also your endocrine system. The hormonal balancing system of your body can be affected.

I don’t know about you, but at least I didn’t fully realize until I was in my early thirties, the impact of whatever we put ON the skin, the face, etc, may enter into the blood stream and end up in other organs and cause health damage.

The majority of soaps, shampoos, and skin lotions available on the market today contain toxic chemicals acting as “hormone manipulators” that can make you age faster, get more wrinkles, mess with your endocrine system and unbalance your hormones.


And getting your hormones out of balance can as a side-effect result in weight gain!


To reach and keep your optimal weight is a combination of delicate hormonal balance, paired with proper food, mindset, and exercise.

Good news though is, that there is an easy solution to avoid the problems and harm your personal care products you’re using today may cause.

The solution is to stop using personal care products that contain potentially harmful ingredients, and start using natural and toxic free products instead!

Because there are natural, inexpensive alternatives to these age-inducing, hormone-disrupting soaps, shampoos, body lotions, eye creams and anti-wrinkle solutions.

=> For more information about how to restore female hormonal balance, click here: Hormonal Balance


Make a decision to use TOXIC FREE products, whenever you have the choice.


You can even make your own products, using simple mixtures of fruits, vegetables and oils.

However, if you feel that you don’t have time to make your own personal care products, I suggest you check this out => Natural and Toxic Free Products

I buy the major part of my makeup, skin care and also nutritional supplements from this company.

The products are great, it’s convenient to order the products online and as a preferred customer (or distributor) you also get a nice discount!

The best thing about it:

I don’t have to worry about getting any health damaging toxins from my personal care products! 


Toxic Free Products

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Ps: What’s IN your makeup and skin care products?

If you’d like to know what ingredients you should avoid, then click the link below and you can download a list of ingredients you should avoid in your makeup and personal care products.

=>> Your Check List and Guide to Choose Safe


Your shopping guide to choose skin care products and makeup without any potentially harmful ingredients!





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