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Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Or anti-aging, beauty, skin care? Are you interested to work in this business, either as a health coach or to sell high quality products that can help and benefit people?

I’ve been working online as a Home Business Entrepreneur since 2010. I’m a Network Marketing distributor and I’m also doing Affiliate Marketing.

To be honest, when I started out I made lots of mistakes… It sounds easy to start with an online business, but for most people it’s not all that easy to: get started, to promote yourself, find your niche and market your products and business successfully.

It’s important to find the right people to follow and learn from 


To be successful business owner, you need the right tools and trainings from experienced leaders. I coach people of all ages in the home business and small business industry.

My personal main niches are: Health and Wellness, Anti-Aging, Beauty and Skin Care Products and Toxic Free Personal Care Products.


If you’re looking for coaching or tips for marketing online (Facebook ads, Social Media, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation etc), send me a message or an email:

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If you’re passionate about Health and Wellness, Beauty, Skin Care and/ or Anti-aging, and are currently looking for a business opportunity in this industry, perhaps this would be a good fit for you:

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