What's In Your Personal Care Products


Have you ever thought about how many chemicals you and your family encounter every day, just by doing your daily routines?

In the morning you take a shower, you wash your hair, put on some moisturizer and makeup, then brush your teeth, then style your hair with some hair gel and spray….

You look good, smell good and you have just exposed yourself to approximately 80-200 different chemicals just through cosmetics and other personal care items.

Maybe you think that the amount of potentially harmful ingredients in your personal care products and make up are so small so it doesn’t really matter?

Well, think again…


Scientists now think that SMALL quantities of toxins and other harmful ingredients are likely to be MORE dangerous than being exposed to a large quantity….



Because if we are exposed to a large quantity of chemicals or toxic material, our bodies’ defense systems will be activated to protect our organs and bodies from damage, whereas with small quantities the natural defense system in our bodies to get rid of the toxins does not get activated…

Therefore, the small quantities we’re exposed to every day are likely to be more dangerous. Over a longer period of time, the toxins can accumulate in our organs and cause serious damage.

Another aspect of the chemicals and toxins we’re exposed to every day is that environmental chemicals don’t exist in isolation.

People are exposed to many different ones in trace amounts, alone each may be weak, but when mixing low doses of several chemicals, this “cocktail of chemicals” may cause serious damage to our health.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate chemicals and toxins around us, because they are in the air, in the food, in the clothes, in the toys etc etc.

What you CAN do to protect yourself and your family is to start eliminating and avoiding products in your house that contain potentially harmful ingredients.


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Make a decision TODAY to start using TOXIN FREE products!


Start replacing personal care products and makeup that contain potentially harmful ingredients, with non-toxic products.

If you do some research, you can find great products that are free of toxins and potentially harmful ingredients.

But pay close attention: Some brands say that their products are “natural” or “organic” and that they use natural ingredients and so on. This is not always 100% true….

Therefore, you must:

1) Always read the labels on each product to see what’s really IN the products!


2) You can make it easier by switching brands and buy your makeup and personal care products from a company that manufactures only SAFE and toxic free products 

I buy the major part of my makeup, skin care and also nutritional supplements from a company which manufactures its own products and only uses safe, natural and toxic free ingredients.

The products are great, it’s convenient to order the products online and as a preferred customer (or distributor) you also get a nice discount!

The best thing about it I don’t have to study the labels anymore because:

I don’t have to worry about getting any health damaging toxins from my choice of personal care products!


For more information, click here: Safe and Healthy Products


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