Testimonials: Nutritional Supplements


Many people who take the nutritional supplements from the company I’m part of, experience positive results such as a boost in energy, mental clarity and a stronger immune system.

And many people who are fighting with health issues, have experienced a significant improvement of their health when using this company’s nutritional supplements.

What’s different with these nutritional supplements compared to other supplements? 


First of all, they are made of high quality and mainly natural ingredients so that they are highly bio-available for your body. This means, that your body can ABSORB and take advantage of the nutrients in the supplement.

The ingredients are also in healthy and therapeutic doses, and work in synergy with each other.

Many cheap nutritional supplements on the market are made of mainly synthetic ingredients. They may just pass through your system, without any absorption of vitamins, minerals or other nutrients. Some have even been found to be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metal and prescription medications. They are cheap, but if they don’t provide you any health benefits (they may even damage your health), what’s the point taking them?

Most of us, don’t get enough of all important nutrients our cells, bodies and brains need from our daily consumption of food and drinks. Many health issues can therefore be traced to a nutrient deficiency.

That’s why a boost from the “right” kind of nutritional supplements can support and even improve your health. 



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Please note: I’m NOT saying or implying in any way that any of these products can cure any disease or improve any health condition. I’m only sharing some testimonials and experiences from people who have consumed the above mentioned products.
Also: Always consult your doctor before you begin using nutritional supplements. Discuss the correct dosage, as well as the potential *side effects, possible drug interactions and other health risks. (*e.g. make sure to ask your doctor if you take any blood thinning medication like Warfarin) 


This is my personal experience and product testimonial:

“In 2004 I started experiencing severe gastritis and sensitivity to many foods. I visited several doctors, I did more than one endoscopy. The conclusion was that I had chronic gastritis (colitis) and I was given various medications (Omeprazole, Nexium, Losec etc).

But the medication didn’t really help me nor improve my symptoms. For about 5 years ago I started taking 2 natural supplements, one with the ingredient fucoidan and the other with resveratrol.


After taking the supplements 2-3 months, my condition improved, and my sensitivity to some foods decreased. I still take these 2 supplements, my experience it that they boost my health, my immune system and also help to keep my condition with chronic gastritis stable and manageable. My digestive problems have improved a LOT.”

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