Neck Pain at Office Desk

5 Simple Desk Stretches For Your Neck & Shoulders

Working at a desk all day can contribute to neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain and headaches. And especially when you’re stressed, it’s easy to forget to take a short break once in a while to avoid pain and stiffness.

Therefore it’s smart to set a timer for every 60 minutes or so to remind you to either stand up and take a quick walk – or do some stretching.

There are many stretches you can do even while sitting at your desk. These are my go-to desk stretches when I feel my neck and shoulders start feeling stiff or achy.

When you do the stretching, remember to sit in your chair in a good posture with a straight back and with both feet on the ground. Breathe normally throughout the stretches, and don’t go further than is comfortable.

5 Simple Stretches For Your Neck & Shoulders You Can Do At Your Desk: 

#1 Lateral Neck Flexion Stretch

Use your left hand and place your fingers on top of your head and pull your head slightly to the left until a light stretch is felt.

Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds and release.

Take a deep breath and do the same on the other side using your right hand.


#2 Forward Flexion Stretch

Similar to the previous exercise but this one is stretching the back of your neck as well as the sides.

Relax and lean your head forward, chin towards your chest.

Slowly roll your head toward one side and hold for 10 seconds.
Release and repeat on the other side.

Relax again, and lift your chin back to starting position.


#3 Shoulder shrug

Raise both shoulders at once up toward the ears, drop them and repeat 5-10 times.

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#4 Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls are an ideal stretch to do when you are feeling stressed, then our shoulders naturally lift up towards our head.

A few shoulder rolls can help relieve some tension.

To do a shoulder roll, lift your shoulders up then back and down in a rotating motion. Remember to take a big breath in and out as you complete the roll.


#5 Upper body and arm stretch

Clasp hands together and move them above the head with palms facing outward.

Push your arms up, stretching upward. Hold the pose for 10 to 15 seconds.
Then stretch to the left and to the right.


Take Plenty of Short Breaks & Get Moving 

Besides stretching, try to stand up every hour and take a stroll around the office. You can also stand up while on the phone and have a flexible standing desk so you can change your position now and then.

I hope this can help you to finish the day strong and enjoy a pain-free evening!

If you find these stretches for your neck and shoulders useful, please share with your colleagues and friends!!

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