Here’s A Guide How to Shop From Sisel Online:


1) Go to:


2) Click on “Sign Up” in the right hand upper corner

Choose your Home Country, (in some cases also the language).

If you are already a SISEL Customer or Distributor, you click on Log In in the right hand upper corner to make your order.


3) Sign Up as a Preferred Customer (or as a Distributor)

Now select if you sign up as a Preferred Customer (you get discounted prices) or a Distributor (you can earn commissions).

You’ll now get either a Customer Number or a Distributor Number, and you must choose a Password.

Check the box that you have read and accept the terms and policies.

My Sisel Distributor Number is e.g.: 10139321. You will see this on your site as “Sponsor ID”.


4) Fill out the Enrollment Information

You fill out your personal information, your address etc.


5) Choose the Product(s) you want to order

You can choose the products directly online. Then Click “Next”. Then you come to Autoship – if you don’t want that, skip it and click “Next”. Otherwise, choose your product and the quantity.


6) Order Recap

Check that your order is correct. Click Proceed.


7) Enrollment Summary

Check that everything is correct, you can change e.g. Shipping Address here if you want. You can go Back to correct something. Otherwise you choose your Payment Method.

Then click Save. And that’s it! Your order should arrive within 5-10 days, depending on where you live.


How To Find The Products:


SISEL has now divided the products in the following categories:

Strong: e.g. TS-X, SiselRipt (this is different in different countries)

Fitness: e.g. SiseLean, SiselRipt, Fire & Ice, 4Restore and UltraMaxx

Allure: Sisel’s Skin Care Products, including Transfusium and Exfolium, and Makeup Products

Health: the A.G.E. Pill, FuCoyDon, Eternity, SpectraMaxx, TS-X, Supra Omega Plus, Brain Vitality etc and SISEL Coffee

Legacy: Shampoo, hair products, shower gel, Terminator, wash detergent, Inner-Chi etc.


If you have any questions about the products, if you’d like some product recommendations for your specific needs, if you’re not sure how to order, if you’re interested in how to become
a distributor or whatever it may be, I’d be happy to hear from you and help you!

For any questions, please contact me here:

=> Contact Caroline

Make your first order today and start living

a Toxin-Free lifestyle!


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