Healthier lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle Can Be Found in Small Changes


Do you know that a healthier lifestyle and what you eat and drink affect a great deal how you look and feel, and also how well you age?

We all want to stay healthy, look and feel our best. And we also want to avoid diseases and health problems.

Unfortunately, diseases and health problems exist and can happen to anyone, including people who live a “super healthy” lifestyle.

And then there are some people who live what you would say an “unhealthy” lifestyle, who never or almost never get sick!

But for most people, I still believe that if you’re proactive and choose a healthier lifestyle, healthier habits and healthier products, you support  your health and you also help your body fight ill-health and aging.

Living a healthier lifestyle may seem difficult, but it’s only as difficult as you make it.


Here are some simple hacks you can start implementing today to live a happy and healthier lifestyle.


Avoid Sugar

1) Avoid sugar

To start with, what you really should start avoiding is sugar.

Sugar is one of the worst “food” there is. And it’s bad for you in many ways.

It weakens your immune system, it can cause inflammation in your body, it can cause diseases like diabetes and alzheimers and it speeds up the aging process.

So as a first step: avoid or minimize apparent sources of lots of sugar.

Such as juices, sweet drinks and sodas, also diet sodas, because artificial sugar is even worse than “normal” sugar.

You should also cut down on candy, sweets and cakes.

I know… this can be tough!

But to make it a bit easier, you can treat yourself a “cheat day” per week, when you can eat and drink whatever you want…. including a soda and cake!

Here are some tips how to prepare healthier desserts:

=> Gluten Free Bread and Delicious Desserts

And here is a recommendation for a delicious and healthy ice tea that ALSO gives you health benefits like antioxidants for stronger immunity, more energy and support for weight loss and healthy skin:

=> Health and Energy Boosting Ice Tea (mango/peach flavor)



Healthier lifestyle

2) Use your kitchen more often

If you buy organic, hormone free and antibiotic free food, and prepare it yourself, you’ll probably get the healthiest and most nutritious meals.

You’re in control, and you know that the ingredients you use are organic and of high quality.

You should avoid fast food and processed food, since this kind of food will only give you empty calories, hardly any nutrition at all. Instead you most likely get unhealthy additives and chemicals.

Another tip for your kitchen is to use utensils, bowls, pots etc. that are made of stainless steel and glass, instead of plastic material and teflon.

If you want some tips about healthy eating, here are recipes from a nutrition specialist:
=> Your Plate Your Fate – The Food Cure



Drink more water

3) Drink more water

Pure spring water with minerals is the healthiest drink you can have.

Water serves many functions, like removal of waste, cellular hydration, transportation of nutrients, flushing of toxins, regulating the body temperature and much more.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to clean and safe water…

Therefore, if you don’t know that the water in your community is of good quality, it’s important that you check the quality of your tap water to make sure it has no or at least no high levels of harmful substances such as arsenic, lead, fluroid, chlorine or PCBs.

If you know or find out that the water quality where you live is not healthy, invest in a filter system.

Hydrogenated water is a new technology where the water molecules contain more oxygen. This is supposed to add more health benefits, such as more energy and better health.


Healthier lifestyle

4) Avoid toxins in your home and garden

When you have a choice – avoid toxins.

We are surrounded with toxins, it’s in the air, in our furniture, in the clothes, in the food we eat, in prescription drugs, in our body lotion, shampoo, makeup etc….

But we CAN protect and support our health if we avoid toxins and harsh chemicals when we have a CHOICE.

In our own homes and gardens, we can for example choose toxic free products or at least products with less harmful ingredients in them.

It can be your choice of:

  • Furniture 
  • Building material
  • Pesticides
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Hand Soap
  • Shower Gel
  • Facial Creams
  • Makeup

In this way, you at least don’t risk adding an unnecessary load of potentially harmful toxins to your organs, that may damage your health in the long run.

If you want to learn more about toxin free products for your home, click here:

=>> Make your home toxic free 



Exercise regularly

5) Exercise regularly

Exercise is really important for your health, body and mind.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and workout 7 days a week. The important thing is that you move more and more often.

Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking a bit further away so that you walk a bit more, perhaps you can do some phone calls while standing or walking so that you don’t sit all the time.

It’s good if you try to commit to do some kind of exercise 3-4 times per week. Find something you ENJOY doing, it can be taking a 30 minute walk, working in your garden, a bike ride, swimming, tennis, running or dancing.

Healthier lifestyle

6) Spend time outdoors

Try to spend some time outdoors every day.

It’s healthy to spend more time outdoors, and it’s also healthy to spend some time in the sun every day, because our bodies need the sun to produce vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is important for many things, it’s necessary for a good immune system, for our bone and muscle strength, cardiovascular health, strong teeth, and even to prevent cancer.

I know it depends on where you live how many sunny days you have. If you don’t see the sun very often where you live, you may need a vitamin D supplement. Many people are deficient in this vitamin.

If you’re going to spend a longer time in the sun and need a sunscreen, here are some tips how to choose a safe sunscreen:

=> Safe Sunscreen Tips



Stress and worry less

7) Learn how to stress and worry less

Too much stress taxes the adrenals, the heart, and the entire immune system.

And too much worrying causes the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine levels to rise, which can weaken the body’s overall immunity.

There is a risk that the immune system plummets when cortisol levels are chronically high.

When you feel stressed, take a brief, fast paced walk around your neighborhood.

Taking slow, deep breaths and keeping the focus on the breathing can also help to wind down.

Here’s a method that usually works: Breath in slowly through your nose while counting to 5, hold your breath counting to 5, then let the air out thorough your mouth while counting to 5. Repeat a few times until you feel more relaxed. To breathe in the correct way, hold one hand on your stomach, when you breath in, “push” your stomach out, and when you breath out, your stomach should “move in”.

Try to delegate tasks at work and perhaps outsource tasks at home to free up more time. Have a coffee with some friends or visit the spa for a massage will help you relax.

Meditation and other exercises can also help to manage stress and a worrying mind.

This is also worth to remember:

“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future.”

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 Get enough sleep

8) Get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical and mental health.

Lack of sleep can cause health issues, hormonal imbalance, make you gain weight and lead to premature aging.

Even though some people feel like they function fine with just a few hours of sleep, most research and doctors agree that adults should sleep 6-9 hours per night.

It’s important because our bodies restore the mental and physical energy we’ve used up during the day, while we are sleeping.

Furthermore, it heals, repairs and replenishes critical factors during sleep, like muscle tissues and hormones.

So make sure to get enough sleep!

Here are some tips how to sleep better and to stop sleep problems:

=> How to sleep better


 Eat healthy food

9) Support your body and brain with the right foods and nutrients

The best way to support your body and brain to function properly, and to boost your immune system, is to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks.

Eat on a regular basis, 4-5 meals per day, and fill half your dinner plate with vegetables.

Try to add one or two “super foods” to every meal, such as: colorful fruits, berries and vegetables.

They are all rich in a variety of antioxidants and vitamins.

Lemons, oranges, apples, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, watermelon, papaya, broccoli, brussel sprouts, garlic, kale, carrots, tomatoes….. You can’t get enough of them!

But keep in mind that 2-3 fruits per day is enough for most people, or you risk getting too much fructose sugar.

You also want to add healthy fats, like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, organic butter from grass fed cows, wild-caught salmon and avocado.

Here are some tips about foods that support health and slow the aging process:

=> Foods that support health and anti-aging


Look and Feel Younger

Do you want to start living a healthier lifestyle, to feel and look your best, and have more energy and vitality?


Then why not start implementing 1-3 of the simple hacks I’ve shared in this post!

Choose the one(s) that you don’t find that hard to implement in your life and lifestyle.


ONE change today is an improvement compared to yesterday!


For example, you can decide that starting today, you’ll:

1) …mainly drink water every day, and maximum 1-2 sodas on my “cheat day”
2) …only eat fast food once per week
3) …start walking 30 minutes 3 times per week
4) …only buy organic meat
5) …start using natural and toxic free personal care products (shampoo, shower gel, makeup etc.)


That’s a great start! Then after a few weeks you can decide on 1 more thing you may want to change in your every day life, that you think will improve your health and lifestyle!

If you’re curious to know my favorite health supporting and age reversing nutritional supplements, that support  health, anti-aging and vitality….

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How to look and feel your best


If you give your body and mind the nutrition they needs to function properly, you increase your possibilities to fully enjoy your life, to travel, to have fun with friends and family, even when your biological age increases.


What’s your best tip to live a healthier lifestyle? Share it in the comments below!

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