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Do You Really Need Nutritional Supplements… Even If You Eat A Healthy Diet?


Many people are questioning if it’s really necessary to take nutritional or health supplements. Especially if they eat lots of fruits, vegetables and other healthy food.

A balanced and healthy diet is super important, to get all the nutrition, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals etc, you need to protect and sustain your body, support healthy aging and a strong immune system.

However, in real life it’s not easy for people with a busy life and busy schedule to cook and have a healthy meal everyday.

A lot of people tend to eat too much frozen, processed and refined food, because it’s convenient and faster. Perhaps in some cases it’s also due to a lack of knowledge of how to cook healthy food. As a result, many people become overfed and malnourished.

But… even if you eat healthy, you may still not get all the nutrition you need.

Why you may need nutritional supplements EVEN if you’re eating healthy

Nutritional SupplementsIf you belong to the category of people who eat healthy, organic whole foods most days of the week, congrats!!

Unfortunately though, you may STILL not get all the nutrition you need from “only” eating healthy.

Here are some reasons why:

1. Food today has less nutritional value

Nutritionally depleted soil and thousands of man-made chemicals, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, have found their way into our food and environment. Therefore, the food we harvest today, grains, vegetables, fruits etc, doesn’t have the nutritional value it once did. 

Climate change may also make some crops less nutritious by changing their chemical makeup and diluting vitamins and minerals.

2. Food allergies, malabsorption or illness

Another reason for not getting all the nutrition needed from your diet can be that certain food allergies, malabsorption or illness prevent you from eating some foods or absorbing some nutrients. This means, you also miss out on the specific nutrients and benefits these foods otherwise can provide.

3. Certain health conditions, diet or lifestyle

Some people with a certain health condition, diet or lifestyle may need a bigger dose of a certain vitamin(s) or mineral(s) to support or improve his or her health. It can be e.g. people on a vegan diet, pregnant or nursing women, or people who often change time zones due to travelling. It can also be people with a very demanding lifestyle, like e.g. sport athletes who need to really boost their nutritional levels since they consume a lot.

Feel younger and more energetic

All nutritional supplements are NOT created equally…!

In case you think you may benefit from supplementing your diet for one of the reasons mentioned here above, or for any another reason, you should be aware that not just “any” supplement will do.

Some supplements are actually USELESS, and some may even be harmful!

For more information about this, click here => Useless supplements

It makes absolutely no sense to take useless supplements. Instead, you want to make sure the supplements you take are of high quality and can benefit your health.

Nutritional supplements that can make a difference to your health have usually this in common


Nutritional Supplements

If you take a supplement, you want to know that it has the potential to provide you with the nutrients and health benefits you’re looking for. Whether it’s to:

So to make sure your choice of supplement has the potential to “deliver the goods” you want, you should know this:

Nutritional supplements consisting of nutrients from high quality and natural ingredients are bio-available, that is, they can be absorbed easily. This means that they can in a more efficient way provide you with the nutrition and health benefits they are supposed to provide.

The supplement’s ingredients should also work in synergy with each other and be delivered in therapeutic doses to your cells.

The supplements I take and recommend fulfill on all of these mentioned factors. Since I started taking them, my health has improved in several ways. If you’d like to know more, click the link here below!

My choice of nutritional supplements:

Nutritional supplements


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Nutritional supplements


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