The AGE Pill

Testimonials From People Who Are Taking the A.G.E. Pill:

Here below you'll find some amazing testimonials about the A.G.E. Pill from different customers of different ages, who are taking it daily.

"I've been on the AGE pill for 2 months, new hair growth, nails are thicker and longer, sleep better, and no migraines. I ran out on Friday, have barely slept, and the migraine is horrible. I will not make the mistake of running out again."

"Recently, Sisel came out with another revolutionary product, the A.G.E. Pill! A.G.E. stands for anti-glycation extreme!! Glycation products have been shown to be higher in cases of Fibromyalgia, and they clog the cells with proteins that can’t be broken down, which suffocates and ages cells very quickly. This incredible product has brought me back to a place that I’d forgotten had even existed!! With this brilliant and proprietary combination of ingredients, I feel like a weight that I was carrying around inside my heart and my body has been lightened. My sleep is more solid, I awake more refreshed, my outlook is brighter, my energy more sustained throughout the whole day. My appetite is less, my waist is trimming, my step is lighter! Restless Leg Syndrome seems to be gone! I no longer feel the need for a nap in the afternoon, even though I awaken quite early. I feel more like the person I used to be, who loved to be active outdoors, even in colder weather. I’m lighter in body, mind, and soul, I’m more at peace, even though nothing in my life or in the world has changed, I’ve changed!! This is more than I even dared to hope for!!! Thank-you to Tom Mower Sr. for this life-changing product!!!"

"So here is my take on the A.G.E pill so far. My dad is 90 and In the nursing home recouperating from a heart attack. He also has some dementia. I began giving him the pill on Thursaday evening. I mix it in a SISELean which we split. The first night I only put in one, was nervous about shocking his system (which was what the dr said when they didn't change any if his meds after attack). So he only prob had half of one. The next night we shared 2. His conversation that night seemed to be clearer and he looked stronger. Saturday night I noticed his hands didn't seem to shake as much at meal time. He also solved a long puzzle on wheel of fortune before I did. (Skating on thin ice). That night before leaving we shared 3 pills in our SISELean. At church this morning, my brother,who did not know I had given him the age pill, said the nurses had told him that his conversation seems to make more sense and when they tried to stand him up he seemed stronger. So I told my brother about the age pill. When I went tonight. my dad was in the hallway. He saw me come in the door and called to me. He seemed more alert and stronger. Tonight we shared 4 pills in our SISELean. The nursery told me that my dad had rolled past the nurses station and seen a note that their supervisor had left them to read. He had signed his name on the bottom. This is just 4 days and not even a full dose. (He only gets evenings, that is when I get to visit him.)"

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