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A Home Business Opportunity in the Health & Wellness & Anti-Aging Niche


As you probably know, there are TONS of different Network Marketing companies out there to choose from. So how do you choose “the best” company? What should you consider and think about before you choose a company?

Here are some of the reasons that I found important, when I choose the company I’m with:

  • It’s a stable company (no risky start-up)
  • The company is debt free (no risk of bankruptcy)
  • The company offers FREE training several times each week, about the products and about the comp plan
  • The company has a diverse product line. This means multiple avenues your customers can go down to spend money with you. Because, when there are many different products that people can use and consume… it all contributes to the organizational volume in your organization.
  • The products are awesome – they support good health and age reversal. They are all made of the best natural ingredients and the ingredients and formulas are backed up by research and science. I would buy them for the anti-aging and health benefits even if there was no comp plan!
  • The products have mass market appeal and people need or want to consume them on a monthly basis. This is what creates stable residual income.
  • You’re paid a 20% commission on the net value of EVERY customer sale (first order: 35%!)
  • …and what’s perhaps most important: I’m passionate about what the company stands for, the products and I’m proud to be part of its brand

Be your own BOSS

When you’re looking to partner with a company, it’s really important that the company matches YOU and that you LOVE the products!


Otherwise, you probably won’t be able to promote and market them successfully. You probably won’t enjoy it either.

The Health and Wellness company I’m a partner with, offers a wide variety of products: health supporting and health improving nutritional supplements, energy drinks and weight-loss products, anti-aging supplements, personal care products such as skin care, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion etc. made of toxin free, natural ingredients.

The products offer the possibility to LOOK and FEEL your best, and the business opportunity offers the possibility to make some extra cash!

So if you’re interested to have a Home Business in the Health & Wellness & Anti-Aging niche…


…with the possibility to improve your HEALTH and WEALTH then look no further!

I’d be delighted to add you to my Team in this company.

The only requirements I have is that you’re:

  • Coachable
  • Dependable
  • Have a desire to create success
  • A pleasure to work with
  • An action taker

As a member of my Team, you get access to my knowledge and support how to promote the business opportunity and the products online, so you don’t have to “chase” your friends and family!

For information about the company I’m with and the products, click here:

=> How You Can GET PAID To Look and Feel Your Best

To apply to my Team, or for any questions, contact me directly here:



Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best success and wellness regards,

Ps: If you already have a business and only need some help with Marketing…

If you’re already have a health and wellness business and you’re only interested in getting some marketing tips or coaching, like how to set up a system using the internet to market your business, products and / or opportunity, how to set up a marketing funnel, lead magnet ideas, blog post ideas, social media tips, Facebook ads etc…

Send me a message and let’s see if we can work together on that or I’m happy to give you some tips for free!



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