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How To Get Bikini Ready For the Beach in 30 Days or LESS


Beach season is here…. are you bikini ready for the beach??!!

We’re all looking forward to FUN and relaxing days on the beach with family and friends.

Getting a healthy portion of the sun and the sea is much needed for everyone after a long and cold winter (depending on where you live of course!)!!

However, in case you feel a bit UNCOMFORTABLE when thinking about going to the beach… 


Because when you see yourself in the mirror trying out a new swim suit or bikini, you realize that you really WISH you had spent some more time exercising the last months, and you WISH you had not eaten as much of all that “good food” and sweets….

If you wish that you could go to the beach, feeling more energetic and confident with less belly fat and a more toned body…. don’t worry, there’s still time to get bikini ready for the beach!

Just remember:

“Transformation isn’t a future event, it’s a present day activity!”- Jillian Michaels Click here to tweet

If you’ve tried to lose weight before, different diets, counting calories, and different exercises and you’ve still not lost ANY weight, then there is a chance you have a thyroid issue or suffer from adrenal fatigue so you should check that with your doctor.

But more likely, you haven’t been able to lose any weight because….

You THINK that you eat and drink the “right things” but you’re NOT!


Some foods and drinks are marketed as “healthy foods” but are not good for weight loss and may not even be healthy…..

To lose weight and get fit doesn’t have to be that hard.


Here are 5 tips to follow. Start implementing TODAY to get your body bikini ready for the beach…. in 30 days or less!


1) Set your weight loss goals and make sure you stay motivated

2) Start with a gentle detox

3) Avoid metabolism slowing and fat-storing foods

4) Eat more fat burning foods

5) Exercise 3 times a week (at least MOVE about more!)


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1) Set your weight loss goals and make sure you stay motivated 

To succeed, you can’t have a broad goal like “I want to lose weight”.

You have to be specific so that you can measure if you’re on the right track, you must also have a time frame.
Here’s an example: “I want to lose 20 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. My goal is to lose 5 pounds per week”.

Now your goal becomes more “real” and you can measure your results to make sure you’re on the right track. Make sure you write this down, have a special diary where you write down your plan, what you’re going to avoid to eat, what you’ll eat more of and what exercises you decide to do.

This will help you stay motivated.

Also, take a photo of you, write down your weight and measurements, and every week, enter your new weight and measurements. Another great idea is to do this together with a friend or your spouse, then you can motivate each other.


2) Start with a gentle detox for 3-5 days

You may wonder why you should start with a detox if you want to lose weight?

The reason why is that a detox will help you to get rid of toxic build-ups in your body, and your body will be primed for faster and more energy-efficient weight loss.

It’s far more difficult for a clogged up, inflamed and sugar-addicted body to lose weight and snap into shape. That’s’ why a gentle detoxifying cleanse is an important first start.

Moreover, only a clean body can really absorb high quality nutrients.

Don’t over-complicate this and don’t over-do it, then you might be too tired to function properly! (Note: Don’t do this if you have a health issue or if you’re pregnant or nursing).

This step depends a lot on your specific situation, but if you think you’re living a pretty “healthy” lifestyle, then this step could be simply that you start each morning drinking a big glass of water (approx.  8-10 oz.) with a table spoon of organic apple cider vinegar and / or with juice from a 1/2 – 1/4 lemon. You can also add some fresh, shredded ginger or turmeric. 

For some more tips about a gentle detox (not fasting) visit:  and

Most important is to avoid sugar (no sodas or orange juice!), caffein, alcohol, dairy and red meats.

Drink lots of water, and eat mainly fruits and vegetables. 

If you find it too hard to just eat fruits and veggies, you can also eat brown rice, beans and fish for dinner.


Bikini ready for the beach

3) Avoid metabolism slowing and fat-storing foods

Some foods can cause weight gain, inflammation and hormone imbalance.

Avoid eating fast food and processed (packaged) foods: These foods give you just empty calories, hardly any nutrition and they often contain loads of unhealthy additives and chemicals. Therefore, your body will not be satisfied with this food, it will soon start craving more food…. therefore they cause you to gain weight. So you don’t want that!

Avoid sugar: Many people think that eating fat is what makes them fat, but for most people it’s eating too much SUGAR. Sugar has many names, some of them are: corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, juice concentrate, maltodextrin and raw sugar. This also includes artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Splenda and Sweet N’ Low.

Sugar is often also included in “healthy foods and drinks”: like fruit juice, granola bars and yogurt. So make sure you read the ingredient list on everything you eat and drink!

Instead of sugar: Whenever you can, replace sugar with organic stevia or raw honey (but use also these in moderation).

Avoid whole grains: Grains are not helping your metabolism… And most grains contain gluten, which can cause inflammation.
Instead of grains: Replace your intake of grains with mainly vegetables and a couple of fruits, and if you really want a piece of bread, go for sprouted grain bread (eg Ezekial Bread). And when it comes to flour, the best choice for fat loss is coconut flour.

Avoid canola or vegetable oils: Vegetable oils usually contain trans fats, which are not good for your health. So you’d better avoid these oils, they also slow down your fat loss and may even cause you to store unwanted fat.

Many hydrogenated oils are also genetically modified, which can cause inflammation throughout your body, toxicity and they are high in calories.
Instead of these oils: Replace them with coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and butter from grass-fed cows.


4) Eat more fat burning foods that rev up your metabolism

Eat plenty of quality protein. Try to eat 0.5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight a day. Good choices are: grass-fed beef, organic chicken, lamb, free-range eggs, wild caught fish and shrimps.

Eat healthy fats like coconut, avocado, almonds and walnuts (in moderation).

Sprouted seeds like flaxseeds and chia seeds have healthy fiber that can support weight loss, they are also high in protein and contain omega-3 fats.

Good choices of vegetables are: kale, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus and carrots.


5) Exercise 3 times a week (at least MOVE about more!)

Choose a form of exercise YOU enjoy. Otherwise there’s a big risk you’ll stop doing it after a week.

Try to do some form of exercise at least 3 times per week. Fast walking is great, biking, swimming, playing basket ball with your kids and Zumba dancing are also great options.
Another great option is HIIT. Google “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT). This kind of training combines light weights with lots of repetitions and fast cardio, like sprints, burpees and jumping jacks, in combinations.

15 minutes a day of HIIT can do much more for your body than hours of cardio can.

The Plank and the Side Plank are great exercises for a flat belly. These exercises train the muscles of the core and will give you more defined abs.

Just stick to it! Try to do it every other day for 1-2 minutes and you’ll see results fast!

Implement these 5 tips, and you’ll get THE beach body you want before you know it!


Bikini ready for the beach

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Bikini ready for the beach

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