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How Busy Health Coaches and Business Owners Can Free Up Time To Spend On Whatever They Want

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My name is Caroline Karlsson and I know how it is to constantly struggle with lack of time...

Therefore, I'm happy to share with you some tips and possibilities to free up your time.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your family and friends and have more time for a hobby or exercise. Or perhaps you want to have more time for your clients and coaching. 

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But in case you do have time now, I'll now share 2 possibilities to free up time:

>> Option 1

Outsource certain tasks, either to a friend or a family member, hire an assistant or find a virtual assistant on or

Chances are you have already thought about this, and perhaps even tested it in some way, probably with varied results...

However, keep reading! Because I think you'll be exited when you see option 2...!


>> Option 2

This option is what REALLY can make a difference for you...!

If you want to have more time to spend on finding coaching clients and actually practicing coaching, but struggle to find the hours it takes to create workshops, freebies, social media images, challenges, blog posts, a signature program or course - then this is an AMAZING possibility for you:

=> Done for you workshops, programs and more

This can save you MANY hours of work - and frustration - in front of the computer. Hours you can spend on whatever you want instead!

Click the link above, and you'll find many great offers - on different health topics - created by a certified health coach.

The problem when you ask family and friends for help is that they probably don't have the knowledge needed to really help out. The same goes with finding an assistant.

But the option I have for you here, is content and services provided by professionals. 

Detox, Anti-Aging, Hormones, Fertility, Clean Eating, Menopause and Essential Oils are just some of the categories you'll find when you click here:

=> Done for you content and services


Additionally, you're also welcome to visit this page to check out marketing services I offer => Outsourcing case you need help with e.g. Facebook marketing, lead magnets or short videos for ads or your blog!

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Look out for some more tips how to free up your time!


I look forward to sharing more tips with you, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get back to me!