"The Clean Eating Program For The Busy Person"
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Where To Start Guide

- this pdf. booklet explains what CE is, what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, an outline how to follow the CE principle and journaling, also tips how to relax with e.g. deep breathing, and workout tips to burn calories

Meal Plans for 2 weeks (3 meals a day)

- after two weeks you can of course continue to use these meal plans for several weeks, and tweak and mix them easily to your liking with other CE recipes

Recipe Guide 

- this guide includes recipes to cook all the meals you find in the suggested Meal Plans. You'll also find a few "extra" added recipes you can swap with if you like 

Shopping List

- a list of food items and drinks you need to have in your kitchen to cook the meals in the suggested 2 week meal plans

Your Dumbbell Workout Plan

- a guide to workout at home, you only need a pair of dumbbells

 Added Bonuses

- "Cheat Sheet Macronutrients"

- "Beat the Bloat"

- "Make Your Home Toxic Free"

- The Clean Eating Program -

This is what is included:

"I bought the CE program and have followed the meal plans and workouts, and I can certainly say it has been worth every penny - I feel amazing!"

Sandra P.

"I have followed the meal plans and principles of this program for about 10 weeks now. I sleep much better, I have a lot more energy and I find that even my memory has improved."

Vivian K.

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