Nutritional supplements

Can nutritional supplements improve your health?


Are nutritional supplements good or bad for your health?

To start with, supplements are not meant to replace but to supplement real food. Healthy food should always be your number one source for proper nutrition.

There are several cases though, where a nutritional supplement can help improve a person’s health.

For example for a person with a food allergy, a specific health condition or illness, it may be essential for his or hers health to supplement with specific nutrients.

However, even people who eat healthy food may benefit from taking a supplement now and then – since the food we eat today is thought to have much less nutritional value than it once did.

If you decide to start taking a supplement, you should know that not just any vitamin pills or capsules will make a difference and potentially improve your health. Some supplements are actually useless!

Some nutritional supplements are USELESS and won’t give you any health benefits at all…


There are supplements on the market that are simply useless. These are often pills and capsules containing only – or mainly – synthetic nutrients. They are also usually highly compressed and made of low quality and cheap ingredients.

The problem with these supplements is that your body cannot assimilate any nutrition from them. Instead, they will just pass through your body, providing you with little or no nutrition.

In worst case scenario, they may even cause vitamins and minerals to accumulate in your organs. This can cause harmful health effects. 

Some supplements have even been found to be contaminated with pesticides, heavy metal and prescription medications.

They are probably cheap, but if they don’t provide you any health benefits – and may even be harmful, there’s no point taking them.

Nutritional supplements

 Nutrients in supplements must be of high quality and bio-available to provide health benefits 


For a supplement to be beneficial, it should consist of natural, high quality ingredients. The nutrients in natural ingredients are more bio-available vs. synthetic ingredients (this applies to most nutrients).

Bio-available basically means that they can be easily absorbed into your cells where they can make a difference and improve your health in some way. Such as potentially improve a health issue, your vision, your skin, your blood sugar levels, your memory or your joint mobility.

To be effective, the nutrients must also be delivered in the most efficient way. Some nutrients are easily destroyed or degraded during the manufacturing process or in the digestive system.

Moreover, to get the anticipated health benefits from the nutritional supplements you take, it’s also important that you get the right doses of it and that the ingredients work in synergy with each other.

Feel younger and more energetic

So can nutritional supplements improve your health?


If you take high quality nutritional supplements, can they improve your health?

There are many people who claim that a certain nutritional supplement has improved their health, in one way or another.

It can be anything from better vision, lower cholesterol, pain relief, lower blood pressure, healthy blood sugar etc. Some even claim a nutritional supplement has “cured” a health issue or illness they have suffered from.

Some people don’t believe this can happen, but I don’t see why anyone would lie about it? However, even if it’s true that a certain supplement has improved a health issue or illness for a person, you can’t assume it will do the same for you or someone else.

My point of view is that good nutritional supplements can support good health, and targeted nutrition may even improve a health issue. But I would never recommend a supplement to “cure” or fix any disease. On the other hand, you can always test what it does for you. Who knows, maybe you’ll notice a difference?

You should always consult your doctor first though, to make sure it doesn’t have any potential negative side effects for you. Especially if you take other medications, suffer from a disease or if you’re pregnant or nursing.

Additionally, in some cases, health issues can be traced to a nutrient deficiency. Then a boost of  targeted nutritional supplements may support and potentially even improve your health. 

What nutritional supplement should you choose?


First of all, always choose natural and high quality supplements over cheap ones. There’s usually a reason why the expensive ones cost more.

Then in my opinion, most people can benefit from boosting their immune system with a broad, high quality nutritional supplement, like a multivitamin or an Omega 3s supplement (a fatty acid many people are deficient in). At least take them a couple of months each year to get a boost.

Because a strong immune system may reduce the risk of infections, diseases and health issues.

If you choose a multivitamin, make sure it also includes some kind of “super nutrient”, minerals and trace minerals that we often don’t get enough of from our diet, like e.g. CoQ10, astaxanthin, magnesium, zinc and selenium.

Then, depending on each person’s individual health situation, there may also be special needs for one or more specific nutrients, to help repair and improve a special health problem or health condition. 

Due to a special diet, food allergy, malabsorption or illness, you may also be deficient in one or more important nutrients. To find out if you’re deficient, you need to get a blood test done.

The blood test result will tell your levels of nutrients and various blood components, such as HDL and LDL cholesterol, kidney function, blood sugar, blood count, hormone balance etc. You can then consult with your doctor or a nutritionist for their advice.

Sometimes it may be enough to tweak your diet and workout routine, sometimes you may also be recommended a supplement.  

Natural supplements

Health is our most valuable asset…


Most people agree that good health is the best wealth. Because with good health we have more possibilities to enjoy life, to do fun things and activities with friends, family, children and grandchildren. Without good health, life is more complicated and limiting.

In order to take good care of our bodies and to stay fit and healthy, it is important to exercise and to get all vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and other nutrients our bodies need to function properly and to support our immune system and healthy aging.

If you’re healthy and eat a healthy, balanced diet, you’re probably fine without any supplements. But for many people with a busy lifestyle, it’s not easy to eat healthy everyday. Therefore, I think a high quality supplement can help to stay fit and healthy.

However, a lot of nutritional supplement products greatly over-promise and under-deliver.

This is the reason I personally take these supplements => My Choice of Nutritional Supplements

Each of them have super saturated amounts of beneficial, natural ingredients of premium quality.

If you’re interested to learn more about the supplements I take and believe have helped me improve my health, contact me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. I’d also be happy to give you advice on what supplements and nutrients that may help you improve your health!

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Nutritional supplements

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Nutritional supplements

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