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Best Skin Care Products For Your Face And Here’s Why

There are tons of different skin care products and brands on the shelves in every grocery store, pharmacy, and department store.

Some are very cheap and some are very expensive.

All fancy commercials for skin care products, with beautiful women on TV and in Magazines, promise miracles and glowing, youthful skin…

Some skin care lines promise to be the best choice for dry skin, some say for oily and acne prone skin and then some promise to erase fine lines and wrinkles….

So besides choosing skin care products suitable for your skin type (dry skin, oily skin etc.) how do you know which skin care brand to choose for your face?

Are the expensive skin care products more effective than the cheaper ones?

To tell you the truth, what I find more important than the skin care brand or even price level, is to find and use products that are not only beneficial for my skin but for my overall health and well-being in the long run. Because just about anything you put on your skin, on our face etc., will enter the bloodstream and be distributed throughout your body.

Some chemicals or special “treatment” ingredients you can find in some skin care products may have a positive effect on your skin when you start using them. But what do you know about potentially negative side effects on your skin and also other health risks long-term?

Therefore, in my opinion, the best skin care products to put on your face are the ones made of natural, organic ingredients.

Organic ingredients are those grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which is healthier for the planet and healthier for our bodies too.

What are the benefits of natural ingredients in skin care products?

What you may not know is that there are many skin care products full of potentially harmful chemicals, that can actually have a very negative effect on your overall health.

You’ll probably not notice it when you start using them, but harmful chemicals in skin care products that you put on your skin get absorbed into your bloodstream.

And they may end up in your vital organs where they can accumulate over time and cause health damage. The main reason why they accumulate is that we typically lack the necessary enzymes to break them down.

They may cause skin issues like rashes, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis and may also contribute to other health issues like hormone imbalance and diseases such as cancer.

*Natural skin care means taking care of your skin by using natural ingredients including herbs, oils, flowers, roots and other pure ingredients.

Please note that there are companies using the label “natural skin care” on their products, but they are still using toxic synthetic ingredients. Therefore to be sure a product is “natural” you have to read the labels or buy from a company you trust or look for the USDA organic seal in the US (organic skin care is not as regulated and controlled as organic food though).

However, there are several great reasons to incorporate all-natural products into your daily beauty regimen.

Skin Care Products

Here are three health benefits of natural skin care products:


1. Hypo-Allergenic Properties

First and foremost are the hypo-allergenic properties that natural skin care products can offer.

While some individuals may still have a reaction to even the most natural of skin care products (because it’s also possible to be allergic to naturally derived ingredients and products), the majority of people who use them will find that they are well tolerated by even the most sensitive skin types.


2. No Potentially Health Damaging Ingredients

Another important advantage with “real” natural skin care products, is what’s NOT in them. They *should not contain known carcinogens or potential endocrine disruptors like many common “on-the-shelf” products do ingredients like e.g. parabens, phtalates, DEA, lanolin and polysorbate-20.

Some ingredients may not be harmful in itself, but can be harmful in combination with other ingredients or be contaminated with harmful chemicals.

When ever you have a choice, you therefore do want to avoid carcinogens as well as endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Endocrine disruptors can interfere with our hormonal system and cause serious health problems (ia. thyroid problems, sperm damage, feminization of baby boys, early puberty and severe  pre-menoupause problems for women).


3. No Mineral Oil Trapping The Toxins

Mineral oil is another example of an ingredient often found in skin care products. It’s used to make the skin softer and hold in the moisture. And it can actually do this effectively.

But mineral oil holds in not just moisture but also CO2 and toxins… Mineral oil puts a protective layer over the skin and doesn’t allow the necessary oxygen to get to the skin. Therefore, the skin can’t breathe properly.

Oxygen can’t get to the skin and toxins are trapped, the result is that the skin becomes unhealthy and many skin problems might start because of this. This is why many women using creams containing mineral oil have spots and pimples.


What’s really scary – and upsetting – is that you can find ingredients classified or suspected as potentially harmful also in products designed and marketed specifically for use on young children and infants… They are a lot more sensitive to harmful ingredients than grown-ups are.

If you’d like more information about what ingredients to AVOID in your skin care, makeup, shampoo and other personal care products you can download a free Checklist here:

==> Ingredients You DON’T Want In Your Skin Care Products


Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins

Your skin care products may accelerate the AGING of your skin…

Another reason why you want natural and pure ingredients in your skin care products is that cleansers and creams containing harsh chemicals and toxins are not helping you look younger in the long run.

In fact, they might even make you age faster so you’ll end up looking old before your time.

On the “dark” side: it’s actually shocking what some cosmetic companies put in beauty products…. However, on the “bright” side: many skin care and cosmetic companies have improved the labeling of their products compared to how it was 5-8 years ago. And thanks to organizations like EWG and, several companies have e.g. stopped using ingredients like parabens, triclosan and aluminium in their products.

But most consumers have no idea what they are rubbing deep into their pores and a great portion of the ingredients still contained within some of the most popular skin care products have no place in any products that will be applied directly to your skin.

So what can you do to have radiant and youthful looking skin without compromising with your health?

You can protect your health AND keep your skin looking radiant by picking out the best natural skin care products or make your own.

Nature truly knows best when it comes to the care of your delicate skin. Never just look at the price or continue buying a certain brand because you’ve done so for several years.

Always start with reading the labels to see what’s in them.

*And remember, that only because a product is marketed and labeled as “Natural”, it doesn’t mean that the product only contain safe, organic and healthy ingredients……

All natural and organic cosmetic brands are NOT living up to their marketing claims.

The formulations and labeling of some “natural” brands are not always meeting their marketing claims.

Some brands call their products “natural” just by adding one(!!!) natural ingredient in it, while the rest is synthetic and other doubtful chemicals… If you’re in the USA, where the regulation of skin care and personal care products is less restrictive than e.g. the EU, look for the USDA organic seal, as mentioned before.

You can also check out “Skin Deep”, EWGs database of skin care and personal care products, measuring their toxicity.

Your face is exposed every day to environmental pollution, makeup, excessive oils and perspiration. The last thing it needs is skin care products loaded with chemicals or potentially harmful ingredients….


Skin Care Products

If you want a natural, toxic free AND effective face moisturizer of premium quality, I highly recommend this one:


Best face cream

It even helps the skin to repair and heal itself. In a clinical trial, 100% of the participants saw improvement of sun spots.  Those dark spots on your skin, known as sunspots or “age spots,” are a darkening that occurs in response to the sun’s UV rays and the ingredients in this cream help your skin at the cellular level – all the way to your DNA.

By making a choice to use natural and healthy products in your daily skin care routine, you’ll be able to effectively protect your and your family’s health, for the long-term.

Give your skin the right and natural nutrients, and you’ll see results fast.

Right nutrients nourish the skin by adding moisture and fight aging by revitalizing your skin on a cellular level. Even the wrinkles can be reduced.

Best skin cream

For healthy skin, it’s preferable to rely on skin care products made of natural ingredients.

Click here for amazing, toxic free skin care and anti-aging products:


What’s your favorite skin care product?

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* Here is some more information about the meaning and difference of the labels “natural” and “organic” skin care:

=> Understanding Natural and Organic Skin Care



Skin Care


PS: Here’s a shopping guide you can use to choose skin care products and makeup without any potentially harmful ingredients!

==>> Your Check List and Guide to Choose Safe


What’s IN your makeup and skin care products? If you’d like to know what ingredients you should avoid, because they might potentially damage your health, then click the link above and you can download a list of ingredients you should avoid in your makeup and personal care products.


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Best Skin Care Products




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