Dr Al Sears, the #1 Anti-Aging Doctor In the USA, Reveals a KEY Nutrient For Optimal Health and Longevity:

How You Can Feel Years Younger

How You Can Feel Years, Even Decades Younger!


For more than 25 years I’ve been on the forefront of natural health and anti-aging medicine in America. After entering private practice, I was one of the first to be board certified in anti-aging medicine.

I’m the Founder and Medical Director of the Wellness Research Foundation, the Sears Wellness Center, Primal Force, Inc., and the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.


To This Date I’ve Treated Over 25,000 Patients.


I’ve appeared on over 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN. I currently write and publish the monthly e-Newsletter, Confidential Cures, and I’ve got my daily email broadcast, Doctor’s House Call.

Since 1999, I’ve published 15 books and reports on health and wellnesswith a readership of millions in over 163 countries.


For nearly 30 years, I was an advocate of fish oil. But today, I’m telling my patients to:


“Forget fish oil, forever! I’ve just found something 800% better!”


This new discovery is revolutionizing the way I’m helping my patients look, act and feel younger and overcome their worst health problems. 


It’s a secret that helps unleash the full power of Omega-3 fatty acids—something that’s three generations ahead of any fish oil!


Omega Rejuvenol omega_rejuvenol Restore the Youthful Power Nature Intended


The Power Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids


There’s good reason why doctors at the American Heart Association recommend you eat fatty fish at least two times a week. Omega-3s found in fish benefit your heart health. 

Nearly 30 years ago, as a wet-behind-the-ears Medical Doctor, I first learned about the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids. In the years that followed, I was amazed by the medical research that verified the healing and protective power of Omega-3s as…

Heart Savers:

The American Heart Association reports Omega-3s support normal heartbeats, plus are vital for healthy triglycerides, blood pressure and blood flow.

Brain Savers:

Tufts University researchers report people with high levels of Omega-3s have a 47% lower risk of age-related cognitive problems...

Joint Savers:

The Institute of Human Nutrition, School of Medicine, University of Southampton, reports that Omega-3s help to decrease system-wide inflammation and Omega-3 fats may also impact the development of arthritis.

Vision Savers:

The National Eye Institute concludes that there is “consistent evidence” suggesting long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids DHA and EPA are necessary for retinal health and may help protect the eyes from disease and may lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration...


Omega Rejuvenol - Best Omega 3 Supplement


So, with an emphasis on supporting my heart health and fighting-off any upcoming problems I began to eat more fish and took fistfuls of fish oil to boost Omega-3 levels in my body - and recommended my patients do the same. We had good results. But that was then...

Now, I’ve found something light years ahead— something far better that solves the hidden problems of fish oil.

When attendees at my lectures and conferences around the world ask me about fish oil today, I tell them: “Forget Fish Oil!”


The Truth Is, Fish Oil FAILS To:

  • deliver enough of the most important Omega-3, DHA, so you don’t get its full healing power
  • get into your cells quickly enough, so you don’t get all the health-boosting results you want
  • cross the blood/brain barrier, so your brain doesn’t get all the Omega-3 nourishment it needs

And many Fish oil FAILS to deliver the Omega-3s listed on bottle labels, so you end up wasting your money on next to nothing.

Now, I’ve found something light years ahead — something far better that solves the hidden problems of fish oil.

It brings together, for the first time in medical history:


Two unique sources Omega-3s that solve all of the problems of fish oil and unleash the full healing power of Omega-3s.


Best yet, it’s now available to you in a new one-each day soft gel - called: Omega Rejuvenol

This anti-aging formula brought to you by the cutting-edge laboratories at Primal Force, will not only boost your heart health and fight ongoing heart concerns...

It will also support healthy cholesterol, sharp vision, great blood sugar, terrific triglycerides, smooth moving joints and great memory... all while saving you loads of time and money!

No supplement will do you much good if it isn’t easily and fully absorbed by your body - and this is a BIG problem with fish oil.


How Omega-3s are absorbed by your body is determined by the type of fat attached to it.


In fish oil, the key Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, is bound to triglycerides or ethyl esters (types of fat). But in doing so, fish oil LOSES many of its benefits when those fats are burned as energy.

I’ve found something far better in absorption and potency than fish oil … Krill Oil!

As you may know, krill are tiny shrimp-like creatures that swim in huge bio-masses in the pure, cold waters near the South Pole. Nature magazine hails krill as the basic source of energy for almost all marine life in the world’s oceans.


Krill is the original source of Omega-3s and offers you a more POTENT source of protective Omega-3 power than fish oil.


This is because the Omega-3s in krill oil are stored in a much different biological form than fish oil. The Omega-3s (especially DHA) in krill oil are bound to another type of fat called a phospholipid—which is much simpler to digest than the triglyceride or ethyl ester form found in fish oil.

In fact, the DHA found in krill oil is able to penetrate into nearly EVERY cell in your bodyand even into your cells’ power plants (the mitochondria) in a far superior way than fish oil.

You’ll Find the Full Power of Omega-3s of Krill Oil, in the new “Omega Rejuvenol”. 


Omega Rejuvenol

But that’s not all...


One big flaw of fish oil is it does not deliver enough DHA, the most potent and vital fatty acid found in Omega-3s, to make a real difference in your health.

Omega-3s are made up of several different fatty acids. The two most important ones are: DHA and EPA.

It’s a medical fact: Your body needs much higher amounts of DHA than it does of EPA - and this is where fish oil fails.

Raising DHA levels in your body can balance out and may even supercharge your health!

DHA is a life-saver because every one of your cells has built-in receptors that absorb it, and every one of your cells is craving it. And fueling your body with high levels of DHA can do wonders for your health.


That’s why I began looking for a better, more concentrated source of Omega-3 DHA. And I found it where nobody else was looking...


I found it practically at the end of the world!


From the South American deep sea, a new breakthrough unleashes the “Universal Healing Nutrient”… It was here that I discovered the extreme benefits of the Argentinian squid, thriving by the billions in the icy, pure waters off the tip of South America.

What got my attention is this mighty mollusk is loaded with DHA. In fact, it has the same DHA to EPA ratio as mother’s breast milk: 4:1.

Even better, after this special squid oil is processed, it delivers over 65% DHA - the highest concentration of DHA ever achieved in natural medicine!

The highest concentration of DHA known to science means great potential for maintaining a healthy and strong heart, improved vision, memory, blood sugar and more for you:


  • A supercharged memory: Tufts University researchers report that those with high levels of DHA have a 47% lower risk of memory and brain concerns.
  • Healthy blood sugar: Nearly 70% of people with blood sugar concerns who took DHA had a healthier response to insulin.
  • Sharp vision and healthy eyes: Studies show that folks with high levels of DHA were up to 50% more likely to have healthy macula.
  • Great joint mobility: People taking highly absorbable DHA saw their discomfort scores drop by 28.7%... stiffness scores drop by 20.3%.... and functional impairment scores drop by 22.8%.

This is why I’ve added this unique squid oil to my supercharged, super-rich Omega Rejuvenol. Each daily serving gives you a healthy supply of squid oil (calamarine oil), making Omega Rejuvenol like a DHA express train!


You’ll feel like a NEW YOU with Omega Rejuvenol!


  • Learn new things—like complicated computer skills or a foreign language
  • Keep up with the younger generation—holding your own in conversations or in tasks that require a sharp mind
  • Recapture your most treasured memories—a special family gathering or a significant event in your life
  • Take care of all your personal and financial matters with ease, giving you confidence and independence


Omega Rejuvenol Also Include These Powerful Ingredients:


Powerful Ingredient #1:


The DHA found in krill oil is attached to its naturally occurring partner, the super antioxidant Astaxanthin. Together, krill oil and astaxanthin CAN cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver a rich supply of Omega-3 DHA deep into your brain cells.

In fact, in order to get a U.S. Patent, both krill oil and astaxanthin had to be proven to cross the blood-brain barrier. And this is why I insisted my new Omega Rejuvenol include both krill oil AND astaxanthin.


Powerful Ingredient #2:

Mixed Tocotrienols

Mixed Tocotrienols are members of the Vitamin E family, yet you won’t get them in any multi-vitamin or typical Vitamin E supplement. This overlooked form of Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps squelch age-robbing free radicals. It also helps keep your heart, brain and blood vessels balanced and in a healthy state.

Tocotrienols have the ability to support your blood vessels which helps maintain healthy blood pressure and lowers your risk of a heart issue. They also support healthy bad cholesterol levels and good cholesterol levels too. Clinical studies show they can:

• Wipe out bacteria and maintain a normal inflammation response;

• Keep your blood vessels healthy;

• Support your HDL, the “good cholesterol”;

• Support your LDL, the “bad cholesterol”;

• Help your skin appear smooth and youthful.


Powerful Ingredient #3:

Vitamin K2

’The Missing Longevity Secret’ : Found in organ meats, egg yolks, some dairy products, fermented cheese curd and Japanese natto, Vitamin K2 activates proteins that play a vital role in the health of your heart, bones, brain, joints and more.

Vitamin K2 keeps calcium in your bones and out of your blood vessels... You must understand that calcium affects your blood vessels when you don’t have enough Vitamin K2 present.

Vitamin K2 has also been shown to have positive effects on telomere length and longevity. This may even explain why people who took 45mcg of K2 every day were found to live seven years longer than those who only took 12 mcg per day, according to The Rotterdam Study.

Forget About Calcium Supplements... Vitamin K2 Keeps Your Bones as Strong as Steel!

As you are clearly discovering, NO ONE has ever put a combo of Omega-3s together along with this incredibly powerful lineup of essential vitamins.

I’ve seen the astonishing results of my patients who are growing ‘biologically younger’ and healthier by boosting Omega-3 levels while helping to protect their hearts, eyes, skin, and joints.

For the very first time, this age-defying supplement is being made available to you in the breakthrough Omega Rejuvenol formula.

In fact, the entire field of medicine should be re-evaluated in light of the mounting clinical evidence behind the special ingredients inside my advanced Omega Rejuvenol anti-aging formula.


Best Omega 3 Supplement


Omega Rejuvenol is Truly a “First” in Omega-3 Supplements: 


  • The first Omega-3 formula that unleashes the heartsaving, brain-saving “Universal Healing Nutrient”, DHA, in Calamarine (squid oil). It delivers over 65% DHA- the highest concentration of DHA ever achieved in natural medicine.
  • The first Omega-3 formula that pairs Calamarine (squid oil) with nature’s most powerful and absorbable Omega-3s, krill oil, to ensure DHA Omega-3s penetrate healing power deeply into every cell and tissue in your body.
  • The first Omega-3 formula that combines krill oil and the super antioxidant astaxanthin, that protects Omega-3s from damaging oxidation and ensures they get past the blood-brain barrier to support your healthy brain.
  • The first Omega-3 formula that includes hard-to-get, fat soluble “feel younger” vitamins that support healthy aging and support telomere length and telomerase activity. This helps support your cells—so you feel younger and healthier.
  • The first Omega-3 formula that includes unique sourcing of pure Omega-3 (from Calamarine and krill) that means no fish aftertaste or burps or contamination risks.


Hundreds of my patients and readers feel this first-hand, every day.

Here are just a few of their stories...

Tom Latcham
Mound, MN

“I have been dealing with rosacea on my face for about 10 years. After about a month of taking Omega Rejuvenol it seems to be clearing up. So I also hope it will help with the other things I started to experience in my late 50s.” *

* Individual results may vary

Scott Snyder
Santa Fe, NM

“I can honestly report a noticeable improvement in my energy level generally, greatly reduced arthritis symptoms in my hands, better overall joint comfort, and improved peace of mind, with anticipation of further benefits as my journey continues.” *

* Individual results may vary

Roger Lauricella
Arcadia, CA

“I thought I’d try Omega Rejuvenol and it does work, my mind is now sharper, and it was sharp before. I do sleep better and better.” *

* Individual results may vary

Kerry Smith
New Zealand

Omega Rejuvenol works really well for me. I have more energy and although I have fairly good skin for my age, this has certainly made a difference. I do get comments all the time about my skin and no one knows my real age. They always think I am much younger than my years. Really fantastic. Thank you, Dr. Al Sears.” *

* Individual results may vary

Hope Goodwin
San Diego, CA

“At age 66, I was starting to see and feel the effects of 66 years… some cognitive deficiencies, loss of energy, failing eyesight and aging skin. Today my energy has returned, cognitive function improved, sharper eyesight, and improved skin. I’m very happy with Omega Rejuvenol.*

* Individual results may vary


So how much would you expect to pay for your very own supply of the heart-heath boosting, cardiovascular-system supporting, energy feeling Omega Rejuvenol formula?

When You Take Action Right Now, You’ll Get Your Hands On A Full Bottle of Omega Rejuvenol In This Special Offer… You Pay Just: $49.95

Plus, we’ll pay the added shipping. That’s Correct, Free Shipping

Do you want to do all you can to help win the battle against heart concerns, and possibly feel years, even decades younger?


Then turn to our secret of the deep sea!

It’s time for you to forget outdated fish oil and cookie cutter anti-aging formulas… and try the one and only breakthrough natural formula with a combination of ingredients clinically proven to unleash the most absorbable and powerful form of Omega-3s (krill oil) deeply into your cells and harness the “Universal Healing Nutrient” (DHA)...


Grow Younger


You have absolutely nothing to lose - and years, even decades, of heart strength to gain.


So why not order today?

It is important not to forget that Omega Rejuvenol is harvested in the deep, pristine waters of Antarctica, where wild krill are harvested without any contamination, or toxins.


Omega Rejuvenol absorbs better, lasts longer, is more pure & safe, as it:


  • Supports Heart Health *
  • Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels *
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels *
  • Supports Cognitive Function *
  • Supports Vision Health *
  • Reduces Joint Discomfort *


Remember, when you order Omega Rejuvenol RIGHT NOW, you get the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE offered to the public and FREE Shipping!


What's more, you won't risk one cent by ordering Omega Rejuvenol today thanks to an Ironclad, No Risk Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction. 

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Omega Rejuvenol


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