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“I’ll Show You What The “Experts” Are Missing And How YOU
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A Message From Dr Al Sears: 

At my clinic in Florida, a staggering number of women tell me they’re at their wits end.

I hear story after story of women burdened by ultra-sensitivity, bone-crushing fatigue and desperate emotions they can’t control. Many admit their relationships are crumbling and their sex lives are drying up.


Here’s why: The vast amount of chemicals, compounds and toxins at the center of our industrial world are plunging women into a modern misery I call “mega-menopause.”

I’ll show you why this is happening and the simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to:

  • Immediately STOP the uncontrolled weight gain and fire up your body’s metabolism to naturally burn pounds of unwanted fat…
  • Revitalize your relationships — from your spouse, your kids, your friends… to yourself and everyone around you — and watch as they deepen and become more balanced…
  • Transform frayed nerves and frantic feelings into a peaceful, centered and focused frame of mind…
  • Fall gently to sleep at night without the nagging anxiety and wildly spinning thoughts that keep your eyes glued to the ceiling. Wake up feeling refreshed, not “heavy” or panicky.
  • Eliminate the embarrassing hot flashes, night sweats and sudden swings between feeling “normal” and absolutely dead-to-the-world…

First, I want you to know there’s a way out.

Today’s Menopause Symptoms Are FAR WORSE Than Anything Your

Grandmother Went Through…

Meet Al Sears, M.D. Uniquely Qualified to Keep
You Healthier for Life

Dr sears

Al Sears, M.D., is a medical doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians.

As a board-certified clinical nutritionist, strength coach, ACE-certified fitness trainer and author, Dr. Sears enjoys a worldwide readership and has appeared on more than 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN and ESPN.

In 2010, Dr. Sears unveiled his proven anti-aging strategies in Reset Your Biological Clock. As the first U.S. doctor licensed to administer a groundbreaking DNA therapy that activates the gene that regulates telomerase, Dr. Sears made history by bringing telomere biology to the general public.

In 2006, Dr. Sears shocked the fitness world by revealing the dangers of aerobics, “cardio” and long-distance running in his book, PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution.

In 2004, Dr. Sears was one of the first doctors to document the true cause of heart disease and expose the misguided and often fatal drugs-and-surgery approach to heart health.

In The Doctor’s Heart Cure, Dr. Sears outlines the easy-to-follow solution that effectively eliminates your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

An avid lecturer, Dr. Sears regularly speaks at conferences sponsored by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) and the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG).

This is NOT what nature intended for you. Menopause should be a time that gives you a renewed sense of purpose in your life…NOT a time of misery and collapse.

But the chemicals flowing through your blood RIGHT NOW are making menopause a monster.

Even the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are on record saying that these chemicals and toxins — which mimic the effect of estrogen in your body — are a “global threat.”

These estrogen look-a-likes are found in thousands of products you use every day, like soaps, detergents, moisturizers and almost EVERYTHING made of plastic.

In their recent report, released jointly by the UN and WHO, researchers demanded action over what they call “endocrine-disrupters,” the chemicals that wreak havoc on your hormones.

Lead researcher Dr. Thomas Zoeller from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, backs up what I’ve been seeing in my clinic for the past 20 years:

“Over the past decade we know much better that diseases and disorders related to hormones are increasing globally…”

For women going through menopause that’s BAD NEWS, and it’s the reason menopause symptoms are so much WORSE than what your grandmother, or even your mother, went through.

In fact, a recent study found a shocking…

9 Out Of 10 American Women Have Serious
And Disabling Menopause Symptoms

Before the 1930s, menopause wasn’t the nightmare it is today. Sure, women would go through a natural change in their hormone balance at the end of their childbearing years.

But until recently, this change never caused dramatic mood swings, hot flashes or weight gain.

The problem is that many modern synthetics used for a wide variety of commercial products have a molecular structure almost exactly like a woman’s estrogen.

Are You Being Poisoned By Fake Estrogens?

Answer these questions to see if you’re being exposed to estrogen mimics:

  • Do you eat non-organic produce?
  • Do you eat commercially grown meat or poultry?
  • Do you consume canned foods or drinks?
  • Do you microwave food in plastic containers or cover foods with plastic wrap?
  • Do you use pesticides on your lawn and garden?
  • Do you wear perfume or cologne?
  • Do you have vinyl somewhere in your house?
  • Do you use plastic bags?
  • Do your pets wear flea collars?
  • Do you use laundry detergent?
  • Do you use air fresheners in your home or car?

I bet you answered “yes” to some of these questions. If you did, you’ve been exposed to chemicals that resemble the hormone estrogen.

When they get into your bloodstream, they attach to estrogen receptors and give your cells a new set of instructions. In response to these new messages, your body’s estrogen levels shoot through the roof, and that’s what gives you the relentless symptoms that feel so painful and unmanageable.

This “fake estrogen” is found in the hormone-laden meat you get at the grocery store. It’s found in plastic, too. Every time you take a sip from your water bottle or heat up a frozen dinner, you’re ingesting harmful chemicals that create synthetic estrogen in your body.

Since you can’t see, smell or taste them, you can’t tell which products contain estrogen look-a-likes. But they are very common.

Here’s a short list of some of the products containing estrogen mimickers:

Vinyl flooring… Detergents… Shampoo… Deodorants… Perfumes… Hair spray… Moisturizers… Garden hoses… Inflatable toys… Pesticides… Fertilizers… Plastics… Even the receipts from cash registers are tainted…

And the list goes on… But of all the synthetics that have estrogens, plastics are the worst – because they are EVERYWHERE. From plastic bags and water bottles to the packaging your food comes in, plastic is almost impossible to escape.

Doctors Have NO IDEA Why You’re Really Suffering

Go to a doctor for help with your uncontrollable weight gain, roller-coaster emotions or inability to get a decent night’s sleep and two things will happen:

  • They’ll tell you this is “normal” for a woman your age…
    • And they’ll whip out their prescription pad.

Sound familiar? There’s just one problem here… their advice is usually WRONG.

There’s nothing “normal” about losing your sanity during menopause. And you don’t need a prescription to help increase your “missing” estrogen.

For most women, too MUCH estrogen is the problem. Not too little.

Remember, you get extra estrogen from your food and your environment. Looking at estrogen alone is not even close to the whole story.

If you’re a woman, the missing links are progesterone and testosterone, the “other” female hormones.

When menopause starts, progesterone falls to almost ZERO. When I test women here in my clinic, their levels are often barely detectable.

Testosterone ALSO drops sharply.

Estrogen, on the other hand, only falls about 40 percent. And when you add all the EXTRA estrogen you get from your food and environment, you have a very lopsided and very dangerous scenario unfolding.

Not only do most doctors don’t understand the effect of these “fake estrogens,” they forget that the secret to healthy hormones (and your peace of mind) is BALANCE. To feel happy and in control of your life you MUST have the right balance of hormones, and that includes estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

When the ratio between these three hormones is out of whack, you will feel absolutely miserable.

Low progesterone leaves you feeling irritable, tired, less sexual, even depressed. This is often the hidden cause of postpartum depression, which plagues so many women after childbirth.

And during menopause, high estrogen and low progesterone cause trouble. It starts a cycle that drives your progesterone even lower.

Progesterone is one of your “feel good” hormones. It lets you feel all the peaceful and pleasurable sensations in life… things like:

      • Burning fat for energy instead of storing it around your middle, hips and backside…
      • Enjoying a bright, happy-go-lucky, optimistic mood instead of feeling down in the dumps…
      • Keeping your blood sugar normal, which helps control your weight and appetite…
      • Building and maintaining “strong-as-steel” bones, and…
      • Getting peaceful, restful sleep at night.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that plummeting progesterone is one of the primary causes of “mega-menopause.” And when you factor in sky-high estrogen, it makes the loss of progesterone feel even worse.

Here’s why: Remember I said the magic is all in the balance? Well, the higher your estrogen goes, the worse your missing progesterone is going to feel.

When women come to my clinic for help, I give them a special blend of nutrients that creates a harmonious balance between all three of your critical hormones: estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

And it’s that last one, testosterone, that’s almost always ignored or overlooked by mainstream doctors. Yet it’s critical if you want to “get down off the ledge” and feel like yourself again.

Let me explain.

Low Testosterone: The Hidden Cause Of Mega-Menopause

Does it surprise you to hear that testosterone, a male hormone, can be key to overcoming many of the symptoms of menopause?

A woman’s body requires testosterone. You only need about a tenth as much a man does, but it’s essential. Without enough testosterone, you’re likely to become depressed and dead tired. You can also feel weak, like you don’t even have the strength to get through your day.

Too little testosterone, which is common in menopause, can leave you feeling crippled and unable to cope with life. That’s why the signs of testosterone deficiency closely match those of depression.

Research shows that testosterone increases your feelings of well-being. It can also help balance triglyceride (blood fat) levels.2

Women struggling with weight gain during and after menopause also find testosterone helpful. In one study, women who received help with testosterone lost more fat and gained more lean muscle mass than women in the control group.3

Healthy testosterone levels also support healthy bones. Low testosterone seems to prevent calcium from sticking to your bones and can lead to osteoporosis.4

Follow These 7 Simple Steps To Eliminate Fake Estrogen

The first step is getting control of your estrogen levels.

As a start, reduce or eliminate the most common ways excess estrogen gets into your body. Here are a few suggestions you can apply right away:

      • Eliminate pesticides from water with a water purifier.
      • Wash your vegetables and fruits before eating.
      • Buy grass-fed or hormone free meats. If you get meat from other sources, trim off the fat. Estrogen look-a-likes collect in the fat.
      • Avoid processed meats – they have fat ground in.
      • Avoid processed carbohydrates like bread, cereals, and pasta. They cause excess insulin, which builds fat and stimulates feminizing estrogen.
      • Eat vegetables high in fiber to absorb excess estrogen.
      • Also try eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. These naturally help metabolize excess estrogen and carry it out of your body.

The next step is to help your body restore hormonal balance by using the herbs, roots and natural extracts that have a natural ability to reduce the heavy, out-of-control symptoms of mega-menopause.

Here’s What I Give My Patients For IMMEDIATE Help

For my patients, I designed a formula I call Balance that helps eliminate the crippling effects of mega-menopause. Balance is a carefully crafted blend of nutrients that I’ve seen work right here in my own Health and Wellness Center.

When I consistently see women recover their calm, focused mind… build happy, stable relationships… and feel at peace with themselves, I know Balance is helping my patients feel the balance they are so desperately seeking:

Gently relieve the symptoms of “mega-menopause” and restore peace and order to your everyday life…

I feel confident Balance will work for you, too.

Here’s a quick look at some of the ingredients I use in my own special formula:

      • Dong Quai: This trusted herb has a long history of use for supporting symptoms associated with menopause, and it’s one of the staples in my own practice. Dong quai contains weak “phytoestrogens,” which traditionally have been used to support women through the change in life, when taken with additional supportive herbs. The phytoestrogens in dong quai help to ease menopause symptoms like hot flashes. I’ve also seen dong quai increase desire and sexual performance in women during menopause and perimenopause.
      • Black Cohosh: This herbal remedy is the best I’ve found for soothing the symptoms associated with menopause like hot flashes and mood swings. In clinical studies, black cohosh improves menopause symptoms by 60% to 70%. 5
      • Chaste Berry: This herb is a gentle hormone balancer. Chaste berry stimulates progesterone production, which helps harmonize your overall hormone levels. It brings relief to symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and night sweats. 6

I also use 8 additional key nutrients like wild yam, licorice root, red clover, sage leaves, and other potent herbs that all have a very long history of calming and balancing your hormones.

Reclaim Your Happy, Normal Life And Knock

Mega-Menopause Down To Size

After 20-odd years of helping women through menopause, I discovered that the right combination of 11 herbal extracts (grown and cultivated under the right conditions and taken at the right dose) are successful because they restore balance to the three most important hormones… estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

And that’s the “simple secret” to sidestepping the modern misery we now know as mega-menopause.

I want you to remember… Mega-menopause is NOT natural and you did nothing to create the problem. Yet you and thousands of women like you are suffering from the fallout of our high-tech, modern world.

Nature never intended for you to feel like you’re coming apart at the seams. But the harsh reality is that our environment has changed.

We no longer live in a clean, pure world, and we all have potentially dangerous chemicals and toxins flowing through our blood every moment of the day.

But you CAN do something about how you deal with it…

Like my patients, you too can feel the relief when you start to feel like your old self again.

After taking Balance many women tell me they:

      • Stay upbeat and energized the whole day. No more feeling tired, run down or in need of a nap…
      • Feel confident and focused. NOT anxious, worried or “overly concerned” about the “little things” in life…
      • Are more self reliant and don’t have those unexplained feelings of frustration or being “let down”…
      • Feel calm and centered without getting bothered or upset by minor comments that used to set them off…
      • Feel grateful for the balanced, understanding and loving energy that’s coming back to their relationships…
      • Are no longer troubled by hot flashes, excessive sweating, brain fog or memory lapses…

Doesn’t this sound better than being put through the ringer and feeling forever tormented by forces you can’t control?

Of course it does.


And you can start feeling that return to normalcy RIGHT AWAY.

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Here’s something even worse…

Women experience different risk factors for heart disease AND different symptoms for heart attack.

And many of these same doctors do NOT recognize these differences!

I put together a special report called The Doctor’s Heart Cure for Women that details exactly what you – as a woman – MUST know to prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 unique risk factors women have, but don’t know about.
  • The secret “big blunders” doctors make when treating women with heart disease... and why you should avoid them!
  • Why traditional aerobics and “cardio” accelerates a critical aspect of aging unique to women… and EXACTLY what to do about it.
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  • Why emergency rooms often FAIL to correctly diagnose heart attacks in women. 

Order Balance TODAY and you’ll start to feel results in as little as 2 weeks.

To get the full effect and full benefits, I recommend you take Balance for at least 3 months. Balance has a cumulative effect and builds up over time.

There’s no reason for you to keep suffering like this… your doctor may never tell you why your symptoms feel so exaggerated and out of control.

But now that you know the secret, you can be proactive and make the decision on your own. Take action and order Balance NOW.  Click the link below, and see the pop up window for quantity discounts: 

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, M.D.

P.S. I believe Balance is the best way to safely and reliably eliminate the painful and overblown symptoms of menopause. But if for any reason you feel like it’s not working for you, I’ve got you covered. Just return the used and unused bottles for a full refund.

That’s my promise to you. I want you to have the opportunity to overcome the unique modern challenges of midlife… WITHOUT any risk or regret.

1 Lock M. “Menopause: Lessons from Anthropology,” Psychosom Med 1998; 60(4): 410-9
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