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My name is Caroline Karlsson, I’m Swedish, but the last 15 years I’ve lived with my family mainly in other countries than Sweden. Now I live on the small, beautiful island Malta. We moved here 4 years ago from beautiful Tennessee, USA. So from very big to very small!!!

Why I created this blog


I created this blog to share what I know and continue to learn about healthy living, how to promote good health and healthy aging.

I’ve always been passionate about learning how to live a more natural and healthier lifestyle – to support good health, healthy aging and to live life to the fullest. 

I have also been struggling with digestive problems for many years. The gut problems triggered other health issues like food sensitivities, indigestion, bloating, headaches, brain fog and lack of energy. And when mainstream medications like Losec, Nexium and Pantepranzol didn’t improve my symptoms, I started to study a lot about it.

What caused my problems? What should I eat and not eat to feel better? What natural remedies may help?

After years of struggling, I eventually figured out a way that helped my gut to heal. It was not just ONE thing, but a combination of things. If you’re also struggling with gut problems, you can learn more about how I solved my problems here =>How I solved my digestive problems 

And hopefully, it can help to solve your problems too.

 Simple tips how to live healthier – to look and feel your best!


There are actually many simple lifestyle choices we can make to promote health – and there are also healthier choices we can make when it comes to what we eat, drink and what personal care products, cleaning products etc. we’re using.

Whenever I have the choice, I choose products that are as safe and natural as possible, for the sake of my and my family’s health and wellness, and also for the environment.

“It’s health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.” Mahatma Gandhi

Health is so important… Because if you or your nearest family members have health issues, life is not the same. Diseases and health problems can happen to anyone, including people who live a “super healthy” lifestyle.

And then there are people who live what you would call an “unhealthy” lifestyle, who never get sick! I know life is not fair!

However, I still believe that if you are proactive and do your best to live healthier, if you consider what you eat and drink, and make sure you give your body the nutrition it needs – then these proactive choices increase your possibilities to live a healthy, active life – so that you can enjoy life and do the things you love to do with your friends and family.

To have an agile body and a healthy mind, is a top priority to me. Then if I have a choice, I’d rather look 5-10 years younger my biological age than 5-10 years older!!!

With the right lifestyle, the right nutrition and skin care products, you CAN easily look and feel 5-10 years younger!


Thanks to advanced anti-aging research and new advanced breakthrough products in the anti-aging industry – it is possible to look 5-10 years younger. And yes, even WITHOUT any expensive beauty or cosmetic surgery.

Are you interested to know more about how to increase your possibilities to stay young(-er) and healthy(-ier)? Perhaps even reverse aging? 

Then go ahead and download this report:

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I’m sure you can start implementing one or more of the strategies mentioned in this report even today. Download it now and let me know what you think!

The report gives you tips how to live your life to the fullest with lots of energy and how to age without getting common health issues related to aging.


If you have any questions or you want to learn more…


If you have any questions about living healthy, nutritional and anti-aging supplements, skin care products that really work etc., or if you’re looking for advice on what products that may be suitable for your needs – reach out to me – I’d love to help you!

And if you, like me, have a passion for health and wellness, anti-aging, or skin care and beauty products, and you’re interested to explore different possibilities to work with this, contact me directly and I’ll be happy to give you some advice and tips.

Or you can click here to learn more => Work Online 

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