Best time to lose weight

5 Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time To Lose Weight


I LOVE Summer!

I love the beautiful warm sunny days, the lingering daylight, spectacular sunsets, and just simply being able to spend more time outdoors.

When you think about it, summer is the perfect time to get in shape and lose weight!

The sunny bright days make us feel stronger and more energetic. We spend more time outdoors, working in the garden, taking hikes, or dips in the nearest lake or pool.

Summer also offers a great selection of delicious fresh berries, fruits and vegetables.

So why not take advantage of the summer to get in shape with less effort!

Here are 5 more reasons why summer is the best time to get IN SHAPE and lose weight! 

Best time to lose weight

1) Showing more SKIN

Hot days mean showing more skin… AND going to the beach in just a swimsuit. We can’t hide our bodies anymore in layers of clothes!

The good thing about showing more skin is that it makes us more motivated to slim down.

It makes us think more about what we eat and drink and we feel also more motivated to physical activity outdoors.


2) Less appetite and cravings

Hot weather help suppress your appetite, because the heat tamp down the appetite for most people.

We tend to eat less sweet things and desserts summer time than wintertime. The only exception is: ice cream!

But overall, sweet things just don’t taste as good hot days as they do chilly days. We also stay out of “binge mode” easier bright warm summer days than dark cold winter days.


3) Eating outdoors and BBQs

In the summer we often eat outdoors. Seeing nature and other people being active trigger us to choose healthier food.

Summertime is also the prime time for having BBQs.

Cooking outdoors often means leaner meat and fish, with less use of oil and heavy sauces.

Fish and meat taste great from the grill with just some salt and pepper and chopped fresh herbs like rosemary and basil. And a squeeze of lemon for the fish.


4) More outdoor activities

Warm days invite for a swim, beach volleyball or basket ball, or why not a soccer game. Bright evenings invite for strolls and brisk walks.

Women who walk in the p.m. actually tend to burn more body fat than if they walk in the a.m.!!!

And if you exercise in hot weather, your body has to work harder to keep its internal environment stable, which can lead to more calories burned.

Take advantage of the pleasant weather, and forego the gym for outdoor workouts on occasion.


5) Vacation trips and days off

Stress is an enemy to weight loss. It keeps the hormone cortisol high… which makes your body cling to fat like there’s no tomorrow. Stress also often triggers emotional eating.

When you’re working and have lots of stress, it’s easy to get stuck in the routines you’ve developed.

It’s easy to eat less healthy, because you don’t have time to shop the ingredients for dinner and cook your meals. Instead you just pick up some fast food on the way home.

When you’re off work for a few days and go on vacation, it’s easier to break free from your habits and routines, and form new ones. Start planning your food shopping so that you can cook healthy meals at least a few times per week.

And take advantage of your free days to also improve your fitness routine.

Make sure to take time for relaxation and start eating healthier.


Best time to lose weight

Get in peak shape this summer without a lot of extra effort!


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