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5 Habits Of Women With Beautiful Hair


Guest post by Amanda Lasater:

There are very few things more satisfying and confidence enhancing than having healthy, beautiful hair.

But let us not mistake the desire to have gorgeous, flowing locks with vanity. The fact of the matter is that when our hair is too dry or too oily, brittle or cracked, and full of split ends, it is not only very difficult to deal with – it can also cause a bit of trepidation and even anxiety in social settings.

Just like anything else, there is a science behind hair care and treatment. Yes, every once in a while someone has amazing hair simply because of good genetics, without putting very much effort into it. But most times it comes down to practicing good habits and developing a steady, consistent routine.

With that in mind, here are five tips and suggestions that women who have beautiful hair swear by:


1) Be Cautious with Heat Styling

Although tools such as blow dryers and curling irons are usually are part of every woman’s hair care regimen, the damage they can do over the long run is undeniable. When used improperly or too often, problems such as dry or brittle hair (which is susceptible to breakage) are very common.

One trick is to try and go more casual with a ponytail or a bun the day after using heat, to give your hair a chance to recover. Another method is to use heat protection products such as serums for blow dryers and sprays for flatirons.

2) Sleep on Smooth Fabrics Such as Silk and Satin

This one is a little known but highly effective method of caring for the health and condition of your hair. Silk sheets in particular have a number of helpful benefits in the way of keeping your hair in top condition. In addition to the fact that they help moisturize your hair through an undetectably small amount of oil contained within their strands, they also help to regulate body temperature and reduce or eliminate nighttime perspiration.

Beautiful hair

3) Moisturize Regularly

This is an absolute must. Just as your face (and essentially every part of your skin) needs hydration and moisture to remain healthy and look its best, so does your scalp. You should always condition after shampooing, and even if you aren’t using heat treatments, running a comb through your hair with a hydrating cream or oil on it is also something you should make part of your routine.

4) Maintain a Healthy, Nutritious Diet

Vitamin C, iron, the fatty acids in Omega 3s, as well as zinc, are all-natural supplements and minerals that have a huge impact on the overall health, wellness, and appearance of your hair. Making sure you are getting enough of them can make a big difference in how you feel about it.

5) Use High Quality Products

Just as it is never a good idea to put bad food in your body, it’s also not wise to use cheap or low-grade products when it comes to managing your hair. You would actually be better off just taking the suggestions that don’t involve purchasing specific products as opposed to using low quality ones.

Beautiful hairFor Best Results Possible, Be Consistent And Stick To A Daily Routine That Suits You And Your Hair


Ultimately, when it comes to the condition and shape you prefer your hair to be in, it really is about what suits you best.

Just make sure that no matter which suggestions you take to heart, that you continue on a consistent and even daily routine when necessary, to guarantee you are getting the best results possible.

No matter how easy or how difficult sticking to a regimen may be, when you get that look you are going for, it makes it all worth it.

Amanda Lasater

Amanda Lasater is on the editorial and research team at, a mattress reviews site with the mission to help each person find their best sleep ever.


Beautiful Hair

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