Anti-aging foods

Anti-Aging Foods That Naturally Slow Aging


Aging is a natural process as we get older.

Unfortunately, getting older is for many people associated with getting more health issues.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way and getting older doesn’t have to be synonymous with physical aging.

Additionally, there are things we can do to prevent certain health issues as we get older and even to slow the aging process.

There are also things we should avoid since they accelerate aging.

Things like excessive sugar, stress and toxicity cause glycation, over-oxidation of cells and inflammation. These are factors that accelerate the aging process.


To slow the aging process, it’s important to consider your lifestyle: 


Your lifestyle and what you eat affects how you look and feel and plays a significant role in how well we age.

You want high quality nutrients in your diet on a daily basis, to protect your body from damaging environmental stresses, free radicals (oxidation) and to remove damaging toxins in your body.


Anti-aging foods

Here are 14 great anti-aging foods that support health and slow the aging process:


Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

Source of: A complete source of protein, amino acids, lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamins A, D, E, K and biotin (a B-complex vitamin), zinc and other minerals. Support the building of glutathione.


Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon

Source of: Anti-inflammatory omega 3-fats, high levels of vitamin D and the antioxidant astaxanthin. All 3 are powerful to fight the aging process and the signs of aging.


Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Source of: Rich in proteins and amino acids. Best choice of protein whey is when it’s not pasteurized; raw or unprocessed whey from grass-fed cows. The amino acids in whey increases your body’s stores of the “master-antioxidant” glutathione.


anti-aging foods


Source of: Organosulfur compounds like allicin and sufides, which boost glutathione production. Garlic has also antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Most beneficial is organic garlic freshly pressed.



Source of: The powerful antioxidant curcumin. Has lots of health benefits, it increases the glutathione levels, it’s beneficial for weight loss, it helps fight inflammation and cancer. It’s also good for your memory and brain function, may even help to prevent dementia and alzheimers.


Broccoli, Steamed, Vegetable.


Source of: Organosulfur compounds, which provide potent glutathione-inducing power. Have a high anti-cancer phytochemical compound. Enhances detoxification. Great source of vitamin C and biotin. You don’t need large amounts, 10 spears a week can make a difference in your health. Steamed broccoli is the best preparation to benefit from all nutrients.

Similar: Broccoli belongs to the cruciferous veggie family. Other veggies in this family e.g. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, turnips and cabbage have similar health benefits. Leafy greens such as collard greens, kale, romaine lettuce and spinach are also healthy choices.


Red Watermelon

Source of: The antioxidant compound lycopene. Helps to protect the skin from UV damage, prevent macular degeneration, heart and vascular diseases and some forms of cancer (i.a. prostate cancer)

Similar: Tomatoes and dark grapes. Lycopene is a carotenoid pigment that gives plants red color.

Anti-aging foods



Source of: Vitamin C and lots of antioxidants. May also improve the memory and brain function. Counteract premature aging.

Similar: Most edible berries are excellent sources of vitamin C and antioxidants, e.g. raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries and acai berries.



Source of: Vitamin C, lutein and zeaxantin, which help i.a. to reduce the risk of getting macular degeneration, cataracts and atherosclerosis.

Similar: Lutein and zeaxantin are pigments in the carotenoid group in yellow, orange and green plants. You can find them also in e.g. oranges, rucola, egg yolk and zucchini.

anti-aging foods


Source of: Oleic acid and omega-9 fatty acid beneficial for the skin. Healthy fats for your body and brain. Moreover, high in antioxidants such as polyphenols and vitamin E, also cardio-protective benefits.



Source of: Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and copper. The copper may stop prematurely gray. 1/4 cup a day is enough.

Similar: Almonds, nuts and sun flower seeds.

Anti-Aging Foods


Source of: Papaya is a rich source of fibers, antioxidants, nutrients such as carotenes, vitamin C flavonoids, the B vitamins and minerals.
It preserves youthful skin, boosts immunity, fights the diseases of aging, supports digestion and may soothe joint pain. It also protects your telomeres.



Source of: Antioxidants like anthocyanin and cyanidin, sweet cherries also contain quercetin, carotenoids, and vitamin C. 10-12 cherries a day may reduce inflammation and risk of gout attacks, due to reduction of uric acid. Moreover, cherries contain the antioxidant melantonin, which is anti-inflammatory and supports healthy sleep. Tart cherries supports weight loss and may reduce belly fat.

Similar: Lingon berries also have quercetin, so do apples and cranberries. Quercetin is a flavonoid, it’s anti-inflammatory and is thought to decrease the risk of cancer, heart and vascular diseases and cataracts.

Candy Bar.

Cacao Beans

Source of: Antioxidants; polyphenols incl. resveratrol and flavonoids. Moreover anti-inflammatory properties and healthy fats. Cacao beans help to protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure. To provide the anti-aging benefits chocolate must be pure, above 70% of cacao and not refined. Best choice is raw cacao nibs 1/2 to 1 ounce per day.

Similar: E.g blue grapes have beneficial polyphenols incl. flavonoids and resveratrol.


Please note: The description of nutrients in the foods and their potential benefits mentioned above after “Source of:” is NOT a complete list of nutrients and potential health benefits, just some of them are mentioned.

Basically, I wanted to point out sources of different powerful nutrients and antioxidant compounds, since it’s very beneficial to eat a mixed diet with variation to get a more complete nutritional composition.

That’s also why I’ve added “Similar:” to some of the foods, where I’ve found foods with quite similar nutrients, to give you more healthy foods examples to choose from!


There are many delicious anti-aging foods that are super healthy and support slow, healthy aging.


You may not like all of them but I’m sure you DO like quite a few of them!

Eat the ones you like and tolerate.

Because even though all these foods mentioned are nutritious, for various reasons – all of them may not be the best choice for you.

Some people may be allergic or food sensitive to even super healthy foods like broccoli and whey for example.

In case you’re struggling with a certain health issue, try to find a good nutritionist who can compose a diet of certain foods that can support your body to fight that issue, and also to make sure that the foods you eat don’t interfere with any medications you may take.


Always buy organic or if possible grow your own veggies!


Another important factor when it comes to eating foods to support your health and slow the aging process, is to choose organic.

Even if organic foods cost more, think of it as an investment in your health.

Eating organic is important. Organic foods should be grown without pesticides and growth hormones and they should not be genetically modified. Those things are harmful to our bodies – and to the environment too.

Organic foods have been found to be richer in minerals and nutrients – and not the least: they support sustainable agriculture. If you have a garden, grow your own vegetables!


What causes aging?


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the three big factors that cause aging are: inflammation, over-oxidation and glycation.

To put it simple: you want to avoid to have “too much” of these three biochemical processes in your system.

Our body’s ability to react with inflammation when there’s e.g. harmful bacteria is necessary or we would die. But sometimes, the immune system over reacts and also attacks “good” and useful bacteria, nutrients etc, for no apparent reason. If this continues and your body is struggling all the time with inflammation, this may lead to e.g. auto-immune diseases.

Oxidation is another way we age. Damage is done when single oxygen molecules, called free radicals, hurt your tissues or other substances in your body. Free radicals have a benefit though, within the body, and that is to assist the white blood cells to reduce infection. However, the number of free radicals in the blood can become greatly increased by stress, high-intensity exercise, pollutants, pesticides, smoking and other toxins in our home environment etc. And when they become too many they cause harm, destroy cells and tissues by causing them age, form scar tissue and die.

Glycation on the other hand, happens when we eat sugar, processed foods and other high-sugar foods, including fruits. To eat less sugar is according to i.a. Dr. Mercola the most important thing to slow the aging process in your body.

How can you prevent or slow aging?


To prevent or at least SLOW aging, aim for high levels of Glutathione, which supports the telomeres, the bundles of DNA found in every cells. If they shorten, we age.

Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier. Therefore, it’s really important to have a high level of Glutathione for your health, immune system and also to slow the aging process.

It helps to break down toxic and damaging compounds, protects and repairs cell membranes and DNA from damage, aids to remove carcinogens from the body and recycles antioxidants back to their active from.

The first 5 foods I’ve mentioned here above, broccoli, eggs, whey protein, garlic and turmeric are foods with nutrients that specifically can boost and increase your levels of Glutathione.

To slow aging, make sure your every day diet gives you nutrients including antioxidants, healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. You should also get enough sleep and do some exercise (in moderation) several days per week.

What you should avoid in your diet is: sugar, artificial sugar, processed foods, grains, trans fats and hydrogenated oils and alcohol.


anti-aging foods

Optimize your health and longevity with nature’s anti-aging foods and a healthy lifestyle! 


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Anti-Aging Foods

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Anti-Aging Foods



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Anti-Aging Foods


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